Dusen Dusen HOME GOODS by Savannah Grace Roberts

Oh, Happy Tuesday! This day is already on a roll. I woke up to an email announcing the impending release of a new My Morning Jacket album and thought the day couldn't get any better. Then I signed onto my blogroll and learned that Dusen Dusen has just announced an extensive collection of goods for the home! Oh my! I'm definitely an avid fan of their collaboration with West Elm (and the general idea of using Dusen products for interiors), even though the collection of 2 pillows was a major tease. Alas! They were just teasing us! Dusen's new line of home goods is expected to include sheets, blankets, rugs, towels, pillows, and a pouf. Now you can snuggle with squiggly high-contrast patterns until your heart is content! I know I plan to.


Via SightUnseen
All images via Dusen Dusen

Sean Woolsey by Savannah Grace Roberts

Good morning! Today, I want to share an incredible resource with you - Sean Woolsey. I actually discovered him through my boyfriend, and have been a lover of his work (and Instagram feed) for some time now. He's a maker-extraordinaire from Southern California, and his designs are fresh & wildly unique. It's his approach to his work, though, that really captured my admiration. Sean builds each piece to last - not just for a year or two - but for generations. I also admire his quirky approach to, well, everything. How about the super cute photos of his furniture? Those might be the cutest kids I've ever seen. I've had the opportunity to discuss projects with Sean in the past, and he's very kind and insanely easy to work with. I can't wait to use his wonderful work in a project soon, and hopefully check out his studio someday. On a personal note - I'm absolutely dying over his Rosso Marble table. If I don't get to use it in a project soon, I might just have to buy it for myself. Enjoy!

All photos provided by Sean Woolsey


At Home With Valerie Wildes of Mint + Varnish by Savannah Grace Roberts

Happy Friday, friends! Today I have an extra special treat to share. Recently, I had the great pleasure of connecting with the lovely & talented Valerie Wildes, of Mint + Varnish. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and I immediately realized that we have a great deal in common! We're also both transplants living in California, and we share a deep love for Interiors! On her blog, Valerie likes to write about unique goods for the home, inspiring interiors, and home color palettes. She also shares snapshots of projects within her gorgeous loft, where she lives with her husband in Venice, CA (more on that soon!). In an effort to get to know each other, Valerie and I asked each other several questions about the spaces we call "home." Check out her answers and photos of her beautiful Loft below!

S: What is your personal/ home aesthetic? 
V: My aesthetic is minimalistic and clean with a vintage twist. I'm drawn to neutral colorways in furniture, wall paint, and most home goods. However I'm a sucker for bright and colorful vintage textiles, especially anything Moroccan. I love rummaging through vintage markets for clothing and home items but have become a pickier buyer for my home. I think living in a loft has helped shape my minimalistic style, for the lack of space issue. 

S: Which is your favorite feature or spot in your home?
V: My absolute favorite spot in the loft is our bedroom. Even though I love my little office space, I usually work from my bedroom which I find super cozy and relaxing. 

S: Where did you buy your favorite goods in your home?
V: This is the first place that I've lived in where I had to furnish the entire space. It was a long process, but along the way I discovered an extremely talented furniture maker in Los Angeles who has a shop named Reclaim. A bunch of our furniture came from there including our bed frame, which I love for it's unique look and hidden storage. Some other pieces I can't imagine parting from are my vintage rugs which I acquired in Morocco and various flea markets around the U.S.

S: What neighborhood do you live in? 
V: I live in the Marina Del Rey Art's District on the west side of Los Angeles. I like it for it's proximity to the water, and the walk-ability to local cafes and shops.

S: What inspired you to become interested in interiors/ start blogging?
V: I've always had a huge love for pretty interiors and home goods. Growing up, I would spend hours flipping through interior magazines making mood boards to hang in my bedroom. I ended up going to school for apparel design but started Mint + Varnish as a creative outlet to express my home style and to hopefully inspire others to create their one-of-a-kind home aesthetic. 

For an endless supply of inspiration, head over to Mint + Varnish and check out the daily updates on Valerie's Instagram feed. I'm a little obsessed with her curated snapshots of local shops, product finds, and the occasional Vintage rug. Gimme, gimme more!

All photos provided by Valerie Wildes.


How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall by Savannah Grace Roberts

Last month, I had the privilege of partnering with Homepolish & Mountary on an installation in one of my current Interiors projects. The client, a photographer based in San Francisco, wanted to use her friends' artwork to populate the gallery of frames. I love the final collection of subtle & interesting photography & graphic art. This feature wall will definitely be the most dyanmic component of the dining space, and I can't wait until I am able to reveal the finished design! If you're interested in installing a gorgeous gallery wall in your own home, head over to Mountary's blog post for a full how-to!

All frames provided courtesy of Mountary
Photography: Helena Price


Moody Posters by Debbie Carlos by Savannah Grace Roberts

Have you ever found yourself gazing longingly at a photo and wondering where the photographer found the item pictured? A while back, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and this photo seriously caught my eye. OMG – that black and white photograph in the corner?! I instantly needed it. Immediately afterwards, I conducted a rather thorough web search for the artist or retailer of this print. I had no luck at all. I forgot about the print for a while...

Well, these are the moments that make life fun. The serendipitous ones. Last night, during my flight from SF to ATL, I was scrolling aimlessly through the artwork collection on the Little Paper Planes web shop. There it is!!! I've finally found the elusive retailer of the amazing Debbie Carlos photograph that I've been searching for. I popped over to the artist's website and quickly learned that she is a multi-talented photographer with an amazing body of work. Her moody black and white posters are my favorite. I'll definitely be purchasing the Flower Poster – and likely the Clouds, as well. 

All images courtesy of Debbie Carlos


Dreamy Refuge by Savannah Grace Roberts

Today has finally arrived! It's the day that I leave California to visit my home, my roots, and my family in The South. For me, the holidays are a time of intense rest and quality time spent with the ones I hold most dear. I've been reflecting a lot on this trip and the rejuvenation to come, and have found inspiration in the bedroom as a symbol of rest. Today, I've rounded up some of my favorite bedrooms to share. These spaces are warm & calm, and each evokes a unique sense of charm. Happy Holidays, and may you find rest this Season!

Black Bedroom via My Scandinavian Home
Navy Bedroom via Tumblr
White Bedroom via Blood & Champagne
Gray Bedroom via Domaine Home
Pastel Bedroom via The Design Chaser


Friday Inspo - The Apartment by The Line by Savannah Grace Roberts

I've gushed over this space before and, today, I'm gushing over it again. I love The Line's branded home space - The Apartment. It's moody, yet soft, and located in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. It really doesn't get any better than this. The Apartment is a curated shop (of sorts) that you can stay in. Everything in the space is hand-selected and for sale. I'd love to own the artwork over the bed - it's what first caught my eye. 

All photos via The Line


Sourcing on Ebay, Part I by Savannah Grace Roberts

Over the last few months, I've gotten a few questions about vintage sourcing. Ebay is definitely my favorite place to find well-worn gems — especially for the home. I've scored several Persian rugs, a few vintage coffee table books, and a number of gorgeous pieces of furniture. Did you know that you can stylishly furnish your entire home, sourcing only from Ebay?! Yes it takes some time, but you really can find anything — and it's easiest when you know how to look. I have a few tricks that I like to employ when sourcing items for a design. I'll share a few tips, but don't get discouraged! It's going to take a little practice and perseverance...

  1. Be Specific. If you're fortunate enough to know exactly what you're looking for, use that to your advantage! You won't find unique treasures using generic terms. If you search "dresser," you're going to find the same ole' stuff that everyone else finds. 
  2. Try using this search formula. [age] + [style] + [material/color] + [type] + [fun adjective or detail]. Last week, I posted a photo of a vintage rug that I found on Ebay. Someone literally commented on the photo and asked what words she should include in her search to find a similar item. Some people just don't know which words to use! Try the magic formula first. If your search yields zero results, eliminate a word until something interesting turns up. Start with the differentiating adjective. For example, to find the dresser below, I would search "vintage mid-century modern wood dresser brass." It's annoying how specific you need to be — but I promise it works!
  3. Fill in the blanks. If you're intimidated by Ebay, start small. Below, I've shown you how to style an eclectic living room with 8 incredible items. You'll notice that I've only included the statement pieces. Invest in a solid, timeless sofa, and then fill in the blanks with used pieces from Ebay. It doesn't take much to turn a room upside down. Everyone shops at CB2 and West Elm, so find something different on Ebay. 
  4. Follow the experts. Many designers and furniture gurus have begun creating "collections" on Ebay. I really like Pennyweight and Casey Keasler. I've also created a few curated collections of my own, and they're constantly being updated. Between all of my design projects, I'm always searching for something - especially furniture and rugs.

Below, you'll find some of my favorite discoveries from the past week. I've selected items to style a gorgeous Mid-century modern living room. I hope this post has been useful! Stay tuned for Part II!


Sewing Table Makeover by Savannah Grace Roberts

A couple of months ago, my friend Ben found a vintage sewing machine table on the side of the road. The Montgomery-Ward machine was rusting, the wood was warped and damaged by water, and the wires were severed. However, Ben saw the potential for beauty and knew that I would love it — which I did, of course! I spent an entire weekend removing the damaged wood veneer to reveal the gorgeous solid cedar beneath. I'm telling you — it smelled amazing! I removed all of the screws & hardware and soaked them for hours to remove the layers of rust. At one point, I wasn't sure if I'd ever finish the project. But finally, several cuts & bruises later, I had a freshly sanded, clean wood table. Early on, I decided that this table deserved a brand new life. So I primed the wood and finished it with a gorgeous black satin paint. To compliment the brass details of the sewing machine, I added these Schoolhouse Electric Co. knobs to the doors. It was so rewarding to fasten the machine onto the gorgeous black table — it felt like a brand new piece of furniture. It was a lot of work, but I am so proud of this finished piece!


Chunky Tassel Blanket by Savannah Grace Roberts

Last night, I finished making a Chunky Tassel Blanket via this DIY from Design Sponge. I'm so pleased with the gorgeous results, and can't wait to style my home for the Holidays. Making this blanket was so therapeutic and relaxing. I've lately felt that I'm using the computer too much, and am actively seeking new creative skills that don't require electronics. I'd definitely recommend checking this DIY out - it would also make a great holiday gift!

Etsy Find: Letters on Love by Savannah Grace Roberts

Earlier this week, I discovered the most lovely Etsy shop. Letters on Love captures the essence of timeless typography, and each piece is perfectly and uniquely suited for the Interior environment. The designs are clean & elegant, and don't compete with the furnishings or accessories of a space — they complement them. I probably browsed through the store three complete times, and found it incredibly difficult to pick my favorite. I was, however, able to narrow it down to 4. The shop contains something for every space, and each piece of art comes in a range of sizes. It's so, so hard to find artwork offered in multiple sizes and orientations! Check it out, and enjoy — I'm ordering the "Love Lives Here" print for my own home!


A New Look! by Savannah Grace Roberts

I can't believe that Grace-Made is almost One Year Old. I dreamt of starting this blog for a long time, and can’t wait to see where Grace-Made evolves. Over the last couple of months, I've been working on a face-lift for the site. Grace-Made is, and will always be, a place to share inspiration and thoughts about Interior Design. As I've grown over the past year, I recognized my need for a place to share my body of work. The "Projects" component of the site is still under construction, but will be populated very soon! Thank you for visiting, and Happy Friday! 


A Glimpse Into My Home by Savannah Grace


About 3 months ago, I moved into a beautiful Victorian apartment along the Panhandle in San Francisco. I've been posting sporadic updates on Instagram, but realized that I haven't shared a holistic design update yet! My bedroom has a couple of unique features that made space planning challenging. I decided to forego a headboard, because the main wall curves into a wide arc. Additionally, I have TWO closets in my bedroom! This feature is a blessing and a curse, at the same time. Both closet doors are located on the same wall, making it impossible to place storage or artwork along this wall.

My vintage Persian rug and wooden work table are hand-me-downs from my Mom. Before I moved to SF, we found my Mid-Century dining chairs at a thrift shop for $40.  They were hideous, so my Mom and  I reupholstered them in a vibrant cut velvet fabric. I absolutely love them and we will never part. My vintage Kilim accent pillows and my  Tom Dixon pendant are my favorite things about my bedroom. I've had my eye on that light fixture for years - I'm so happy to finally own one.  The chair next to my garment rack is from Bend Goods, and I bought the  shearling hide from Moore & Giles. Oh, and that furry white chair - it's vintage Steelcase. Also found at a thrift store and reupholstered by hand.

I think my new space is a true representation of myself. I refinished (or made) the majority of my furniture, so it feels like a true labor of love. What's your favorite thing about your home? Happy Friday!


Gan @ Casa Decor by Savannah Grace


This morning, while sourcing rugs on Gan's website, I discovered the most beautiful event showroom. Gan's installation from Casa Decor 2014 completely took my break away. I'm amazed by the impact of the painted walls — they're simple and dramatic, at the same time.  The showroom, located inside the old Architecture college of Madrid Calle del Barquillo 12,  wildly inspires me. I only wish I could have seen this in person!

image via Gan


Cues from Schoolhouse by Savannah Grace


Early on Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I stopped by The Mill for a relaxing cup of coffee. We had a little extra time to hang out, so we each brought some reading material. For me, preferred "reading material" is usually the latest home furnishings catalogs or a selection from my crop of design magazines. The new Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. catalog had arrived on Saturday, so I pulled it out to browse for inspiration on current projects. I was casually flipping through when — about halfway through — the pages caught Sean's attention. He asked to have a look, and was immediately engrossed in the amazing photography. Within minutes he had looked across the table and asked: "Can our home look like this someday?" It's not difficult to see that Schoolhouse is doing some pretty great things, lately. I'm crazy about their new light fixture collection, especially. Besides the incredible products, their catalog styling is just about perfect — you could actually take interior design cues from it.


Piperlime Popup by Savannah Grace


Good Morning! Today, I'm wildly excited to share one of my latest projects. A couple of weeks ago, I attended Everlane's Open Studio with a few friends. While having coffee afterwards, I met Ryan Hall, one of Piperlime's talented Graphic Designers. Through this relationship, I was given the opportunity to design Piperlime's San Francisco Popup. I worked with my design firm, Gensler, to get the job done quickly. The experience was an absolute dream. Despite the short time-frame and unusual programmatic challenges, things worked out beautifully in the end.

The concept for the popup was inspired by the quintessential Manhattan apartment of Piperlime's "It" girl. It is sophisticated, elegant, and whimsical. The most unique aspect of this project was that I managed to secure all furniture on loan. Because of the short lifespan of the popup (2 days), it didn't make sense for Piperlime to buy thousands of dollars worth of furniture. I had less than a week to source and secure all furniture, while simultaneously coordinating a cohesive design. I couldn't be more pleased with the final design and installation. My amazing furniture and accessory vendors (see links below!) really stepped up and helped this project become a reality! I couldn't have done it without our incredible partners. This was one of the most rapid, down-and-dirty efforts I've ever worked towards, but it was also the most rewarding. Without further a due...


Photography:  Ryan Fetters

Finally, a massive "Thank-You" to our design partners partners:

Restoration Hardware (sofa) Council + Jak-w (silver wood end table and coffee table) Blu Dot (all console and side tables) Fritz Hansen (lounge chair) Lulu & Georgia (accent pillows)