Sourcing on Ebay, Part I

Over the last few months, I've gotten a few questions about vintage sourcing. Ebay is definitely my favorite place to find well-worn gems — especially for the home. I've scored several Persian rugs, a few vintage coffee table books, and a number of gorgeous pieces of furniture. Did you know that you can stylishly furnish your entire home, sourcing only from Ebay?! Yes it takes some time, but you really can find anything — and it's easiest when you know how to look. I have a few tricks that I like to employ when sourcing items for a design. I'll share a few tips, but don't get discouraged! It's going to take a little practice and perseverance...

  1. Be Specific. If you're fortunate enough to know exactly what you're looking for, use that to your advantage! You won't find unique treasures using generic terms. If you search "dresser," you're going to find the same ole' stuff that everyone else finds. 
  2. Try using this search formula. [age] + [style] + [material/color] + [type] + [fun adjective or detail]. Last week, I posted a photo of a vintage rug that I found on Ebay. Someone literally commented on the photo and asked what words she should include in her search to find a similar item. Some people just don't know which words to use! Try the magic formula first. If your search yields zero results, eliminate a word until something interesting turns up. Start with the differentiating adjective. For example, to find the dresser below, I would search "vintage mid-century modern wood dresser brass." It's annoying how specific you need to be — but I promise it works!
  3. Fill in the blanks. If you're intimidated by Ebay, start small. Below, I've shown you how to style an eclectic living room with 8 incredible items. You'll notice that I've only included the statement pieces. Invest in a solid, timeless sofa, and then fill in the blanks with used pieces from Ebay. It doesn't take much to turn a room upside down. Everyone shops at CB2 and West Elm, so find something different on Ebay. 
  4. Follow the experts. Many designers and furniture gurus have begun creating "collections" on Ebay. I really like Pennyweight and Casey Keasler. I've also created a few curated collections of my own, and they're constantly being updated. Between all of my design projects, I'm always searching for something - especially furniture and rugs.

Below, you'll find some of my favorite discoveries from the past week. I've selected items to style a gorgeous Mid-century modern living room. I hope this post has been useful! Stay tuned for Part II!