French Inspiration

Can I tell you a secret?

I am SHAMELESSLY OBSESSED with this French apartment. I've scrolled through the images at least 5 times, and I fall farther in love at every glance. I've been sourcing a lot of inspiration for the total design overhaul of my own home, and I am so drawn to the simplicity & elegance of Parisian interiors. It's that whole "Yeah I'm cool and I'm really not even trying to be cool" look. Modern, elegant, & simple – this space will surely inspire you too!

We've all seen this amazing image with the mirror a dozen times, but I've never taken the time to find the entire feature of this beautiful home. I love the white-on-white minimalism, the restrained use of small-scale furnishings, and the laid-back placement of art & sculpture. The whole place looks effortlessly put-together and lived-in at the same time. I am about to tackle a hot mess of a project (each room is painted a worse shade than the last), and this serene space is just soothing my body & mind!

Enjoy! xx

All images via Vogue Australia