Moody Posters by Debbie Carlos

Have you ever found yourself gazing longingly at a photo and wondering where the photographer found the item pictured? A while back, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and this photo seriously caught my eye. OMG – that black and white photograph in the corner?! I instantly needed it. Immediately afterwards, I conducted a rather thorough web search for the artist or retailer of this print. I had no luck at all. I forgot about the print for a while...

Well, these are the moments that make life fun. The serendipitous ones. Last night, during my flight from SF to ATL, I was scrolling aimlessly through the artwork collection on the Little Paper Planes web shop. There it is!!! I've finally found the elusive retailer of the amazing Debbie Carlos photograph that I've been searching for. I popped over to the artist's website and quickly learned that she is a multi-talented photographer with an amazing body of work. Her moody black and white posters are my favorite. I'll definitely be purchasing the Flower Poster – and likely the Clouds, as well. 

All images courtesy of Debbie Carlos