One-Stop Vintage with EBTH

Today is a super good day because I get to spotlight one of my ALL-TIME favorite vendors AND attend an exciting designer event tonight! I like to think of this as my BEST-KEPT-NOT-SO-SECRET because I tell people about this resource all of the time ;-) About a year ago, I learned about Everything But The House for the first time. Their team reached out to tell me about the site, and I was actually a little floored that I didn't already know about it. To say that I was immediately hooked would be an understatement – I was addicted. In my defense, you do have to be on your toes to win the real good stuff (the site has gotten insanely popular over the last year), but I think I would probably win the 'most page visits per day by a designer' if EBTH were to give out an award.

A little on how the site works: EBTH is an estate sale e-commerce site that auctions off one-of-a-kind items from homes across the country. It’s like going to flea market 24/7 and online! Basically, my dream. They sell everything from mid-century furniture to vintage rugs, and the best part is everything starts at $1. The auction format reminds me a lot of Ebay, but the user interface is a lot more friendly – I also LOVE the mobile app when I'm sourcing on the go or watching an item super closely. The vintage hunt is one of my favorite parts of my job, and EBTH just makes things a lot more accessible when I am low on time and can't get out to the markets or antique stores.

I personally use the site most frequently for rare furnishings, vintage paintings, and interesting oddities for my own home or for my projects. I have found & won DOZENS of treasures over the past year, and I've definitely had my share of heartbreak too. The auction format is competitive, but I love the thrill and rush of those last few seconds of bidding! I am literally constantly scouring the site for treasures, but I thought I'd share a few favorites from my collection. Head on over to EBTH to find the piece that sparks the conversation in your home! That Vintage European Pommel Horse does the trick for our house ;-)