S+S Loft / Update No. 1

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! So, here's the deal – I've taken a short hiatus from weekly blogging. I needed to adjust to several big life changes (engagement, quitting my job, wedding planning, moving....), but I'm back now and ready to kick it into high gear! I feel so fortunate to have so many exciting projects in the pipeline, and couldn't be more thrilled that one of the projects is my own home. It's not often that I have the opportunity to design for myself and my loved ones! Sean and I have officially found what will become our first home together, and it happens to be the dreamiest loft apartment. It is spacious, open, and IN OAKLAND! Yep, we're officially making the jump to the East Bay. It's time for a new adventure!

We have so many big plans for the new space, and I am going to be documenting our progress right here on Grace-Made. It's truly a big blank canvas, with so many interesting challenges and opportunities for creativity.

Below are several photos from our Lease Signing visit. During the visit, the loft was still being renovated but I got the chance to take preliminary measurements. We have gorgeous stained concrete floors on the lower level, and a raw wood sub-flooring on the upper level. When we signed our lease, all of the walls and baseboards were painted a creamy pale almond color. The loft gets insane natural light, and carries music beautifully. It almost echoes! I can't wait to tackle this project alongside Sean. Stay tuned for another update very soon, and many more along the away! xx.