11 Fresh Winter Finds

Winter, for me, is a season of new beginnings, reflection, and thanksgiving. I love the cheerful moods, holiday festivities, changing of color, and increased wearing of sweaters. I spent some time gathering items that remind me of the season and make me appreciate the month of November even more!


-1- This camera makes me want to get lost in the woods for hours. -2- These colorblock sneakers are perfect for the unavoidable errands of holiday season. -3- I'm thankful for California. Represent the Pacific NW! -4- The Grace Pack is high on my wish list. It's handmade in San Francisco! -5- This blouse reminds me of my mother's table cloths during dinner parties. -6- I've had the pleasure of working with Crash before. Their drafting table is so charming! -7- I love a good vintage floral. This fresh, pixellated version looks too good to walk on. -8- I snagged a black wool fedora at the flea market last weekend. Here's a floppy version-9- Thanksgiving is a time for loved ones, food, and festive tablewear-10- I can't wait to take this bike out for long weekend rides across the city and beyond! -11- A rich, red saddle for a touch of femininity. Someday!