Roundup: Emily, Marble & Bertoia


My friend, Emily Howard of Consider the Wildflowers, recently shared a FANTASTIC article on Darling Magazine. As a self-made entrepreneur, she's sharing her best lessons learned. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed her insight! This gal is a true creative with a solid business mind, and I admire her perseverance and desire to share with others.


I recently discovered Arent & Pyke, a fantastic Australian design firm, and cannot get over their Pavilion House project. Lately, I am obsessed with 'cookies & cream' marble, and this is definitely my favorite execution of the finish. The bookmatched backsplash is an insanely gorgeous detail, and the hammered brass pendants polish the monochromatic kitchen finishes. JUST STUNNING.

This space is a close runner up...


If you've spent more than 10 minutes with me, you've probably heard me ramble on about various pieces of furniture. I'm an unashamed furniture NERD. Out of them all, though, the Bertoia collection for Knoll is easily my favorite. About 2.5 years ago, I found two mint-condition Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chairs – complete with the original (and now discontinued!) Knoll upholstery. I purchased them from a retired dealer, and they had been protected in storage since the 50's. Yesterday, I was browsing through an Atlanta antique store when I suddenly looked up and stopped dead in my tracks. THERE THEY ARE! A full-set of 6 dining/side chairs in the exact same finish as my lounge versions! These chairs aren't in the same mint-condition, but I plan to continue using them outdoors anyways. I'll just quickly refinish them with a new coat of satin black Rustoleum, and we're good to go!


Carrie Livingston

the-church-keyThe Church Key, LA

This past weekend,  my friends took me to the most incredible restaurant for brunch in LA. The Church Key's atmosphere is truly breathtaking - from the menu to the Interior Design. I ate a spectacular plate of Eggs Benedict with Truffle Hollandaise sauce and nibbled on hot potato cakes and biscuits and gravy. All the while, though, I could hardly focus on my plate because I couldn't stop examining the details of the space. There were countless moments of delight incorporated into the design. After brunch, I immediately searched for the Designer responsible for this gorgeous interior (this is how I discover all of my favorite designers). I learned that Carrie Livingston, a designer operating in Beverley Hills & London, was the the force that made it all happen. If you live in LA or ever have the opportunity, I certainly encourage you to stop by The Church Key. My friends tell me that their dinner rivals their brunch! I'll have to wait and find out. Until next time, LA.

Don't forget to check out Carrie Livingston's other projects, and more photos of The Church Key here.


Stone Textile Studio

stone-textile-hero Guys, I'm thrilled to tell you about Stone Textile Studio. I'm using their accent pillows on two current design projects, and I absolutely love the monochromatic aesthetic of their products. Black, white, and gray...and a whole lot of it. What else do you need? The layered & draped details are contemporary and creative, yet timeless. I had a hard time picking my favorite pillow designs. The Tuxedo for the classy babes, The Dip for the laid-back lady, and The Square Layers for the edgy foxes. Head to their website and check out the entire collection - it's something else!

Side note: I spoke with one of the ladies of Stone Textile Studio on the phone last week. We chatted about my project and they seem like quite the lovely & down-to-Earth bunch over there. Keep it up! I love your work.




Sunset Inspired

ca-sunset-1Last night, I got to spend  the evening atop Mount Tam with old & new friends. We watched the sunset above the fog and were each overwhelmed by the beauty of the sight. I couldn't get over the way the light from the burning sun interacted with the thick bed of fog. It was incredible - and pretty difficult to capture on camera. Though it's impossible to capture the beauty of creation with human hands, I was inspired to think of ways I can capture the essence of a sunset in interior spaces. Using my photos from last night as inspiration, I curated a small collection of products that mimic the color & texture of the sunset that we saw. Enjoy, and go catch a sunset of your own! I've got a ton of Bay Area spots that offer the perfect vantage to watch it, if you need a recommendation!


1. Surya Abstract Pillow 2. Jonas Wagell Cloud Pendant 3. Ercol Love Seat in Graded Mandarin 4. Woven Laine Hand-woven Wall Hanging 5. How Are You Cushion Cover 6. Calico Aurora Wallcovering Collection 7. (again) Eric Trine Ombre Rod+Weave Chair


SF Bedroom

sketchIt's time for a project share! I'm really stoked to reveal this one. I recently designed this bedroom for a friend in San Francisco - and I honestly wish it were mine. My friend is free-spirited, adventurous, and a little old-fashioned. She loves warm colors, rustic wood finishes, and vintage furniture. This was one of my favorite projects to complete in my free time. It was so much fun to work with a close friend, and help her achieve exactly what she was looking for in her San Francisco home! Enjoy!


Selections: 1.   the Adler Table / crafted in San Francisco by Ohio Design 2.  vintage suitcase nightstand / Etsy & Craigslist / image via Lonny 3.  the Gustavian Bed / Viva Terra 4.  the Otto Tibetan Fur Bench / MGBW 5.  the Copper Real Good Chair / Blu Dot 6.  the Cole Stool / Made Goods 7.  the Sophia Garment Rack / Crash Industrial 8.  the Nourmak Encore rug collection / Nourison 9.  a refinished vintage dresser / image via Natty by Design


Design Week Snaps, Part II

dw-snaps-2 It's unreal that I'm back in San Francisco. Design Week passed far too quickly, and I wish that it could last a couple more weeks. These are some snaps from the second half of the week. My favorite secondary events were the Herman Miller and Alexander Girard exhibitions in the Meatpacking District. I could have gazed at the Girard panels and textiles for hours. I also enjoyed some quiet time exploring the Metropolitan Museum. I was thrilled to see a large Chuck Close piece in the Modern Art Wing. I also got to check out the Sketchbook Project Library in Brooklyn. My friend Greg showed me the sketchbook of one of his really talented friends, Greg Kletsel. I was completely lost in the pages, and I can't wait until the mobile library comes to San Francisco! Finally, I loved all of the copper products at ICFF. There were so many, and each was beautiful and unique. I'm thrilled that Bend has introduced this copper version of the Lucy chair. It's more fresh and modern than the typical powdercoat options.


ICFF Take 5, No. 3

During my third day at ICFF, I was drawn to a few unique products. I love the approachable & fun colors used by O&G, Blue Dot, and Bend Goods. I am thrilled to see that Blu Dot and Bend have both released new colors in two of my favorite chairs! I also love the tribal graphics on Sauder's gorgeous coffee table and the wonderful craftsmanship represented in Workstead's lighting. I think today might be my favorite feature, yet! bend-goods

Bend Goods blu-dot Blu Dot o&g O&G sauder-2 Sauder workstead Workstead


ICFF Take 5, No. 2

ICFF Day 2 was a complete success. I left the show with more inspiration and excitement over everything that I saw! I was particularly drawn to the delicacy of the glass in the light fixtures below, and the interesting materials used on the stools. I love the woven & knotted seat of the Hinterland stool - it was easily one of my favorite pieces in the entire show. This stool is made in Canada, where there is a robust crab fishing industry. The netting on the stool is repurposed from crab fishing nets. So unique! I also love Emeco's new collection. The SU stool, with a cement seat, is my favorite new product. I'm also crazy about the Drop chair. I am thrilled that Fritz Hansen has re-released this classic. I hope you're enjoying the ICFF snippets, and would love to hear favorites. I'll be back tomorrow with more! fritz-hansen Fritz Hansenalex-allen Alex Allen emeco Emeco

hinterland-2 Hinterland Design pelle Pelle


Design Week Snaps

nyc I thought I'd drop in and share a few quick iPhone snaps from the week. I've checked out so many beautifully designed spaces and enjoyed a lot of experiences that are quite unique to New York! On Thursday, I explored the retail scene in SoHo. The Carhartt store, on Crosby, completely stole the cake. I love the bright neon sign and minimal display fixtures. I also got to view the skyline, at sunset, from the top of the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. It was breathtaking! I also really enjoyed exploring Brooklyn and the Flatiron District. I grabbed coffee with a friend at the Nomad Hotel Library Bar. It was nice to take a morning to sit quietly and relax. Lastly, check out my cute little hotel room! I'm staying at The Row, in Hell's Kitchen. I love the bright graphics and clean finish palette. Stay tuned for more updates from ICFF later today!

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ICFF Take 5, No. 1

nlxl_2 It's here! ICFF 2014 has officially begun. I can describe ICFF pretty easily in two words: "Inspiration Overload." I mean, it's unreal! There are hundreds of exhibitor booths (over 600!) - and each one as intriguing as the last. Because there is far too much to see in one day, I've decided to share bits and pieces over a Daily Take 5. Each day, I'll share some of the best things I saw. Today was easy! These products completely wow'ed me. I hope you're as inspired as I am, and be sure to check back for more.

nlxl NLXL x Studio Jobartek new colors from Artek delightful Delightful iacoli Iacoli & McAllister philip-watts Philip Watts


Anticipating ICFF!


As I gear up and prepare for Design Week in New York City (NYCxDESIGN), I'm overwhelmed with excitement for all that's in store! I've got my brand new Madewell tote on my shoulder and my camera in-hand - I'm ready to soak everything up and share it with you. There are so many industry events, showroom visits, and opening receptions to consider and plan for - it's going to be a busy & exhilarating 4 days. Over the last couple of weeks, I've also had the best time perusing the ICFF & WantedDesign websites to admire the curated list of exhibitors. Several vendor profiles have really caught my attention, and I can't wait to see all of the new, innovative, and fresh products for 2014. If you aren't attending the shows, I encourage you to follow along with Grace-Made, DesignMilk, designboom, and other participating design blogs for real-time updates on this week's happenings. I'll kick things off with the Blogger's First Look @ WantedDesign on Friday afternoon, and continue to post throughout the weekend.

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NODO | Workstead | Grow House Grow |  Space 1A | Ronel Jordaan | Famaliving | Moving Mountains


Inspired Pattern

I thought I'd offer a sneak-peak at a project I've been working on. These prints (which are part of a greater collection) are inspired by young American women who embrace adventure. They love life, reach for the moon, and chart their own stars. I've always dreamt of pattern & textile design, so this project is an absolute treat. I can't wait to see where it goes! I created each piece using acrylic paint & gauche on heavyweight paper. Which is your favorite? xo-webstars-webmoons-web



Several weeks back, I talked about an Edelkoort trend report that I attended. The 12 trends have impacted & inspired my thinking about design ever since. Though these ideas won't fully mature for at least another year, I'm seeing the trends begin to evolve even now. One of the trend categories, entitled "Bare," involves elements of design that are reminiscent of flesh. This includes color, texture, and volume. I'm always drawn to living spaces that feature the warm, soft, and inviting characteristics of flesh. I love these new lounge chairs upholstered in flesh tones. I can't wait for the opportunity to test this trend on a new project.... muted-web via Jeannette Lunde


chairs: Artifort Rocking ChairErik Jørgensen Eyes Lounge, Sancal Nido, Olsson & Gerthel Rama Chair


The Summer Seasonal Collection

I've been crazy about Heath Ceramics ever since moving to San Francisco two years ago. I love specifying their tile products on Interiors projects, and I love their innovations in ceramic accessories even more. I actually just bought last season's ombré bud vase for my mom's 50th birthday last week - and she loved it, of course! Their products are identifiable, always unique, and withstand the test of time. Heath officially launched their new Summer Seasonal Collection today -- and I am smitten! The collection was inspired by the Icelandic landscape, and it includes 3 matte colors reminiscent of the plant life and dark earth of the region. Personally, I'm wild about the lavender selection. It is so feminine and fresh! I can't wait to get over to the Heath showroom in the Mission to check these new products out! seasonal

all images courtesy of Heath Ceramics



Over the last several weeks, I've spent time sourcing interiors that feature plywood details. Currently, there seems to be a growing trend involving the use of plywood  - but I think there will be lasting effects as more & more designers embrace the material. Plywood is wood in its most utilitarian & basic form. It has the ability to act as a neutral, and completely disappear into the landscape of an interior.  Plywood is also beautiful and extremely inexpensive. Affordability enables designers to explore solutions at a more reasonable cost and provide great design to more people. It's fluid grain adds another layer of texture to any space, and I've seen it used in large and small amounts. Whether you go bold and use plywood for architectural components, or keep things tame and use it for a small accessory or two, this material just wins. plywood+marble Charlotte Minty pop+plywood Charlotte Minty eames+plywood Barabasca-Made clare-cousins Clare Cousins muuto Muuto ikea Roland Persson for Ikea Livet Hemma

accessories mug / throw pillow / pennant / carved gem coasters / wall clock / Scandinavian house shelf



Lukasz-Wierzbowski-2Lukasz-Wierzbowski-4Lukasz-Wierzbowski On rainy days, my attraction to bright, fresh flowers probably doubles. Today, my floral fix is the work of Lukasz Wierzbowski. His photography collection, entitled Neon Tambourine, is breathtaking. The consistent subject matter and aesthetic quality of his work is creative and mesmerizing. I picked my favorite photographs featuring ladies in nature. Go outside and be awesome this weekend.


all images courtesy of Lukasz Wierzbowski