SF Bedroom

sketchIt's time for a project share! I'm really stoked to reveal this one. I recently designed this bedroom for a friend in San Francisco - and I honestly wish it were mine. My friend is free-spirited, adventurous, and a little old-fashioned. She loves warm colors, rustic wood finishes, and vintage furniture. This was one of my favorite projects to complete in my free time. It was so much fun to work with a close friend, and help her achieve exactly what she was looking for in her San Francisco home! Enjoy!


Selections: 1.   the Adler Table / crafted in San Francisco by Ohio Design 2.  vintage suitcase nightstand / Etsy & Craigslist / image via Lonny 3.  the Gustavian Bed / Viva Terra 4.  the Otto Tibetan Fur Bench / MGBW 5.  the Copper Real Good Chair / Blu Dot 6.  the Cole Stool / Made Goods 7.  the Sophia Garment Rack / Crash Industrial 8.  the Nourmak Encore rug collection / Nourison 9.  a refinished vintage dresser / image via Natty by Design



Lukasz-Wierzbowski-2Lukasz-Wierzbowski-4Lukasz-Wierzbowski On rainy days, my attraction to bright, fresh flowers probably doubles. Today, my floral fix is the work of Lukasz Wierzbowski. His photography collection, entitled Neon Tambourine, is breathtaking. The consistent subject matter and aesthetic quality of his work is creative and mesmerizing. I picked my favorite photographs featuring ladies in nature. Go outside and be awesome this weekend.


all images courtesy of Lukasz Wierzbowski