Ace Hotel #DTLA

ace-1 So, I've referenced the Ace brand multiple times - it's easily my favorite collection of hotels. I recently featured the brand-new Downtown Los Angeles location - and finally had the opportunity to visit last weekend. I traveled to LA to visit my best friend, and our brunch at the Ace was definitely a highlight of the entire trip. It's breathtaking - and even more beautiful in person.The brass table tops, artisan tile, and rooftop pillow collection were stunning. I audibly gasped when we got off the elevator at the rooftop lounge, where we were immediately greeted by hundreds of Kilim pillows (read about my obsession here). I could have reclined on that bohemian-inspired rooftop for days on end. Coincidentally, while sourcing furniture for one of my projects earlier this week, I actually stumbled across a cafe chair that looks remarkably like the ones used in the Ace Hotel's restaurant. I specifically remember them because I commented on the gorgeous woven pattern of the black-and-white seat back. I love the elegance that is executed throughout the hotel - despite the amount of pattern and texture present in the design. If you ever get the chance - STOP BY! - and enjoy my snapshots below.