Bring It Inside

mikili I dreamt of buying a bicycle long before I actually did. There is something special about cycling in San Francisco - you feel like a part of the  heartbeat of the city when you are on a bike. I finally ordered my dream bike back in November, but I had to wait a full 2 months before it arrived. Now that I own one, I'm faced with finding a space-efficient storage solution for it. Because locking my bike outside isn't an option, I'd like to create a beautiful way to display my bike, while also keeping it safe within my apartment. I've sifted through my stash of inspiring interiors for bike storage solutions that are both functional and nice to look at. I love all of the options below, but Mikili's solutions are, without a doubt, the most innovative.


KAPPÔ oak storage unit // under-the-stairs hanging configuration // the PINSTRIPe bike shelf (handmade!) // simple vertical display