Maybe it's the energy, maybe it's the stimulating & dramatic use of color and ornament, or maybe it's the pure & simple entertainment -- there is something that draws me to the carnival. At a carnival, I can jump into the mind of a child and forget about almost anything. Yesterday I had the opportunity to cruise down the coast for a day in Santa Cruz. I spent the day running through the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, laughing, skating (i.e. breaking rules), riding nauseating roller-coasters, and appreciating the inspiration & beauty surrounding me.

Our day at the carnival reminded me of the beautiful craft of sign-making. I've always loved the charming quality of vintage marquee signs - and I saw plenty of them yesterday. I discovered Sideshow Sign Co. while researching products and sign-makers for a past coffee shop project. I instantaneously fell in love with their work. It's colorful, well-made in America, and unique. I hope someday to work with these incredible Southern makers! Until then...I'll just admire their inspiring online gallery!