Outdoor Rooms

House-1101-1 I can't stop admiring (actually, drooling over) this residential interior designed by H Arquitectes, in a town near Barcelona. This masterpiece features a segmented floor plan with rooms that seamlessly transition from interior to exterior environments. The entire living space is enclosed, on both sides, by full-height folding doors. The gaps in the building act as outdoor walkways between the zones. These features encourage constant interaction with nature. This past weekend, I spent an entire day cycling in the sun. Afterwards, I marveled at how rejuvenated and healthy I felt. Oftentimes, we aren't exposed to enough natural sunlight while spending time indoors. Interior environments like these remind me of the importance of exposure to nature. Even if the climate won't allow an environment like this one, large windows with views of nature can substitute for a similar effect. This project has inspired me to re-think the relationship between the interior and exterior components of buildings. I'm also adding an outdoor living room to my Dream-Home-Bucket-List! Enjoy!


via Dezeen