Score + Solder

score+solder-quartz-trio Typically, one of the first things that I notice when I step into someone's home is the lack of plant-life. People wonder why their space feels dim and lifeless - it's because there's nothing living there! If you're trying to keep a plant alive and thriving, you'll naturally start opening blinds and allowing light to penetrate the room. It's incredible how a single plant, housed within a gorgeous planter, possesses the power to transform an atmosphere.

Recently, I missed these gorgeous terrariums on a Dot & Bo flash sale. Devastating. However, I was able to find the same items on the maker's website. Even better! I also discovered that Score + Solder  makes a range of products from planters to lighting to delightful little table objects. I definitely recommend checking out this website. If your home is lacking plant-life, you can cover a multitude of sins by buying a stunning gem-shaped terrarium and filling the glass with life. I guarantee that it will inspire awe when guests visit!

My very favorite is the Quartz No. 2 terrarium. Go get yours!


Hinterland Design

hinterland_2013collection-1 Since returning from NYCxDesign, I've been a little bit high on inspiration. I discovered so many incredible furniture makers that I hope to work with on future projects. Hinterland Design, out of Vancouver, was one of my very favorite vendors showing at ICFF. Their products stood out as unique, fresh, & innovative. My favorite piece of furniture, not represented on Hinterland's website, is a stool with a seat constructed of bright & colorful crab netting. Because the furniture is made in a town with a prominent crab fishing community, Hinterland sought out to repurpose excess netting. I love that! The stool was surprisingly strong - several guests sat and even bounced on the comfortable seat. I also love the vibrant pops of color represented in the "Little Gem" side tables and "Good Side" coffee table. Life is far too short to live without furniture this fun & inspiring.