A Swedish Apartment

web-2web-1 Every so often, I like to dig into the depths of my Evernote files and click through my list of favorite interior photographers. Once again, I caught myself spending extra time on Jonas Ingerstedt's site. His interior photography is absolutely incredible - and I've definitely mentioned him before. This particular space caught my eye because, honestly, the designer has used all of my favorite chairs. In one apartment! It's almost too much. I've been on a bit of a Herman Miller kick lately - and dream of Eames chairs on daily basis. During DWR's recent Herman Miller sale, the daydreams actually got a little uncontrollable. The colorful molded plastic side and arm chairs are the essence of perfection, and the Eames lounge chair is simply better than perfect. Aside from the incredible furniture, I also love the overall styling of this space. I'll take that pink skateboard, please!