J. Ingerstedt

1 Today I discovered the photographic genius of J. Ingerstedt. These emotionally-charged photographs are so powerful! The not-quite-perfect interior styling evokes a sense of use and wear that make these spaces so inviting. I love seeing the running shoes on the floor and the informal inspiration board pinned behind the bed. The layers and layers of personality give this home a charm that I can't tear my eyes from. I was initially drawn to the whimsical art & playful accessories scattered throughout the space. These unexpected elements soften and complement the otherwise stark, high-contrast architectural elements. There is a mystery about these rooms - something intriguing that makes me want to meet the owners & inhabitants. Spaces should be a reflection of the people that use them - so this design is a complete success. I will certainly file this away as inspiration for future hospitality projects. I could disappear for days in this place!


all images courtesy of J. Ingerstedt